Wrestler's Finishers

Below is a list of the Wrestler's Finishers

Wrestler's Name Finishing Move
8-Ball Big Boot
Al Snow Snow Plow
Animal Top Rope Powerslam
Bad Ass Billy Gun Fameasser
Bart Gun Spinning Left Hook
Big Show Showstopper
Blue Meanie Meanie Sault
Bob Holly Holly Caust
Bradshaw Clothesline From Hell
Brian Christopher Tennessee Jam
Cactus Jack Double Arm DDT
Christian Impaler
D'Lo Brown Low Down
Dan Severn Dragon Sleeper
Droz Jumping Bomb
Dude Love Sweet Shin Music
Edge Downward Spiral
Faarooq Dominator
Gangrel Elevated DDT
Godfather Pimp Drop
Goldust Curtain Call
Hardy Boyz Leg Drop Splash
Hawk Flying Larial
Head Bangers Stagedive
HHH Pedigree
Jacqueline Figure 4 Leg Lock
Jeff Jarrett Figure 4 Leg Lock
Jerry "The King" Lawler Piledriver
Kane Tombstone
Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock Submission
Kurrgan Claw
Legion Of Doom Doomsday Device
Luna Luna Eclipse
Mankind Mandible Claw
Marc Mero TKO
Mark Henry Big Splash
Mideon Reverse DDT
Road Dogg Pump Handle Slam
The Rock Rock Bottom or Peoples Elbow
Sable Sable Bomb
Savio Vega Spinning Heel Kick
Scorpio 450 Splash
Scott Taylor Victory Roll
Shao Funaki Flying Headbutt
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music
Skull Big Boot
Steve Blackman The Guillotine
Stevie Richards Stevie Kick
Stone Cold Stunner
Taka Michinoku Michinoku Driver
Terry Funk DDT
Thrasher Moonsault
Tiger Ali Singh Neckbreaker
Undertaker Last Ride
Vader Vader Bomb
Val Venis Money Shot
X-Pac X-Factor

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