-Advertising @ Total-Wrestling-

Paid Advertisement Terms and Conditions -

Please make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before you apply for paid advertisement at total-wrestling.

1/ Once you have paid, this is non refundable. If you choose to remove your link from total-wrestling, we cannot refund the amount you paid back.

2/ For any buttons or banners that we display, they cannot contain material deemed unsuitable for all audiences, for example, pornography, violence, drugs etc cannot be displayed on the site.

3/ We do not make any banners or buttons, the ones that are displayed on the site are ones that have been made by you.

4/ In very rare cases do we actually host any banners or buttons for your site on our own server, we usually link to the banner on your server.

5/ We are not responsible for the number of hits you actually get from advertising on total-wrestling, as the amount of daily hits vary, but you should notice an increase in your visitors.

6/ We only accept payments through paypal. This way, no contact details have to be exchanged between the two parties and it is also a much quicker and effective way of paying and receiving payments.