In Your House Results 2003 - 2004

2003 -| No Way Out | Backlash | Judgment Day

No Way Out
February 23, 2003 -
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Hardy

  • Lance Storm and William Regal defeated Kane and RVD to keep their World Tag Team Championships.

  • Matt Hardy defeated Billy Kidman to win the Cruiserweight Championship

  • The Undertaker defeated The Big Show

  • Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar defeated all three members of Team Angle in an Handicap Match

  • Triple H defeated Scott Steiner to keep his Heavyweight championship.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Eric Bischoff.

  • The Rock defeated Hollywood Hogan in the rematch.

April 27, 2003 -
Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Team Angle defeated Los Guerreros to keep their Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

  • Sean O' Haire defeated Rikishi.

  • RVD and Kane defeated The Dudley Boys to keep their World Tag Team Championships.

  • Jazz defeated Trish Stratus to become the new Women's Champion.

  • The Big Show defeated Rey Mysterio.

  • Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena to keep his WWE Championship.

  • HHH, Chris Jericho and Rick Flair defeated HBK Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Booker T in a 6-Man Tag Match.

  • Goldberg defeated The Rock.

Judgment Day
May 18, 2003 -
Charlotte, North Carolina

  • John Cena and The FBI defeated Rhyno, Brian Kendrick and Chris Benoit in a 6-Man Tag Match.

  • La Resistance defeated Scott Steiner and Test.

  • Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri defeated Team Angle in a Tag Team Ladder Match to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

  • Christian won the Battle Royal to become the new I.C Champion. Other participants were Val Venis, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Goldust, Lance Storm, RVD, Test and Kane.

  • Torrie Wilson defeated Sable in a Bikini contest.

  • Mr. America defeated Rowdy Roddy Piper.

  • Kevin Nash defeated HHH by DQ so HHH kept his World Title.

  • Jazz defeated Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Victoria in a fatal four way match to keep the Women's Title.

  • Brock Lesnar defeated The Big Show in a stretcher match to keep the WWE Championship.

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