WWE Raw Results - September 1, 2003

Posted by Craig Shaw

September 1, 2003
Live from Lafayette, Louisiana
Aired on Spike TV
Report by Ryan Clark

Raw is live tonight from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.

When Raw went off the air last Monday night, we were left with the burning question: What happened to Kane? Dead? Alive? Able to work house shows? His fate will be revealed tonight.

But the match I know you've all been waiting for is Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Jonathan Coachman. Couldn't the Raw Employee of the Month just settle for a reserved parking space at Titan Towers?

Quarter Hour 1

Last Monday night, Kane had taken the dumpster dive from hell. Moments after the show went off the air, the fire had been extinguished. Stay tuned for further developments.

Jim Ross welcomed viewers to this Labor Day edition of Raw as Jerry "The King" Lawler made his way to the ring for his match with Jonathan Coachman.

J.R. confirmed that Kane was not dead after all, and his condition would be updated later in the show.

(1) Jonathan Coachman (w/Al Snow) over Jerry "The King" Lawler. J.R. said Coach was out of his league tonight. Duh! Coach was cocky, juking and jiving, but Lawler popped him with a right hand. (Loud "Jerry" chants.) Scoop body slam by the King, and Coach looked worried. Coach put Lawler in a side headlock, but the King countered the move.

Al Snow came down the ramp, mic in hand, and told Coach to stop the match. He was embarassing himself and Sunday Night Heat. Snow was ready to throw in the towel for Coach.

Coach was angry and told Snow he didn't need his help. Lawler took the opportunity to . . .

(the screen went black)

And when the show came back on air, Coach was pinning Lawler. "Was it a set-up by Snow?" J.R. asked, as the two Heat announcers hugged their way up the ramp.

Moments ago: Snow had slammed Lawler into the ring post.

Shane was stopped by Terri backstage. She said the images at the end of last week's show had been disturbing. When the flames had been extinguished, she said, Kane was not in the dumpster.

(Commercial break). The "Joe Schmo Show" debuts tomorrow night. Consider yourself warned.

Al Snow and Coach were celebrating their victory over the King. Eric Bischoff asked them what they thought they were doing, then admitted he wished he'd thought of it.

Quarter Hour 2

Stone Cold Steve Austin joined them and said he would do something special just for the Coach and headed to the ring.

The ring was set up for the Highlight Reel. Austin tossed a chair out of the ring and dismantled the rest of the set.

Austin ordered J.R. to stand up. He was sick of hearing how J.R. was Stone Cold's boy and booked a match between Coach and J.R. for Unforgiven. (Don't they have any wrestlers on the roster anymore?)

Furthermore, Randy Orton had been calling himself the Legend Killer, but Austin didn't think he had any business calling himself that at this point in his career. However, if he wanted to beat a legend at Unforgiven, Austin booked him in a match with Shawn Michaels.

Austin said he'd been asked about Goldberg's chances of beating Triple H for the title. "Goldberg is here tonight, and in this very ring, it will be Evolution in a six-man tag match againt Maven, HBK, and Goooooldberg."

Chris Jericho's music hit and he was just a litle upset that Austin had trashed his set and cancelled his Highlight Reel. Plus Austin hadn't even mentioned the King of Bling Bling in the Unforgiven line up. Jericho reminded Austin that everybody knew he was the MVP of Raw. He told the Rattlesnake to kiss his boots and snow him some respect. Austin showed his respect with his middle finger.

Christian, the Intercontinental Champion, came out to ask for some respect, too. His peeps loved him. He was still waiting for his apology from Stone Cold for last week. Austin told him to keep waiting, because it wasn't going to happen.

If Jericho and Christian wanted action, they could face each other in a match tonight. And the IC Title would be on the line. And the match would start right now.

(Commercial break)

Quarter Hour 3

(2) Intercontinental Title Match: Christian over Chris Jericho. Loud "boring" chant. The match had started during the commercial break and was well underway.

Jerry Lawler had joined J.R. at the announce position and was complaining about the shame of his loss to Coach.

Slugging, hairpulling, and a really good toss by Jericho on the outside sent Christian into the ring steps. Apparently, the friendship between Christian and Y2J was out the window as the battle continued. Good back and forth action, with pinning attempts by each, some not so kosher. Christian won with a roll-up pin (with his hand on the ropes), and outcheated Jericho to retain his title.

(Commercial break)

Shane was asked to leave by Stone Cold. He didn't think Shane was safe. With his typical bravado, Shane said if something was going down tonight, "bring it on."

Footage was shown of Goldberg during the Elimination Chamber match. He'd destroyed everyone but Triple H. But when Ric Flair slipped Triple H his trusty sledgehammer, it was Trips who destroyed Goldberg.

Triple H said he was anxious to get his hands on Goldberg, and managed to start a "Goldberg" chant.

Quarter Hour 4

Bill Goldberg was nothing but hype, said Triple H. Helmsley said he planned to end Goldberg's mystique at Unforgiven. He called Goldberg a plague on wrestling.

Suddenly Big Bill was in Triple H's face and promised to take his title and become the new champ.

(3) Tag Team Match: Molly Holly & Gail Kim over Trish Stratus & Ivory. It started with a brawl, then settled into Gail Kim and Ivory. Ivory was tossed to the floor and Molly pounded on her while the ref's back was turned. J.R. mentioned that Molly Holly had been a high school powerlifting champion.

Trish tagged in and began to pummel Molly. Trish kicked Molly in the jaw and nearly pinned her if not for Kim's interference. Double power bomb on Trish that looked vicious, and Kim and Molly took the win. Ivory got a double DDT after the match. Molly Holly and Gail Kim are a team to be reckoned with.

Vince McMahon was backstage and told Shane that he wanted to clear the air. He was concerned for Shane's safety tonight. He wanted to make things right between them. He started to hug Shane, but was rebuffed. Shane headed to the ring.

(Commercial break)

Quarter Hour 5

Here comes the money. Shane headed to the ring, despite warnings from Steve Austin and his father that "something was going to come down tonight." Shane said if something bad was going to happen, let it happen right here, right now. (He looked around, but nothing was happening.)

Eric Bischoff (a stain on the underwear of life, said J.R.) came out to share Shane's moment in the spotlight.

Suddenly, Kane's pyro went off, and it looked like Eric was about to pee his pants. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Kane (with only a couple of bandages on his arms) was in the ring, slamming Shane from into the ring steps. He handcuffed Shane to the ring post, then trapped him with the ring steps. He poured water on Shane, then got out some jumper cables, which he attached to the McMahon Family Jewels. Sick!

Rob Van Dam ran out and pasted Kane with a chair and tried to free Shane. Then RVD got into the ring and gave Kane a Van Daminator, then tried to remove the handcuffs on Shane

(Commercial break)

The Rock's new movie, "The Rundown," opens September 26.

During the break, Shane had been stretchered out by EMTs.

Kane was furious at RVD's interference, so Bischoff promised it would be Kane vs. RVD next week . . . inside a steel cage.

J.R. said next week's match would be "electrifying." Groan.

(4) Non-Title Tag Team Match: La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Rene Dupree) over The Hurricane & Rosey. This was a better than expected match, with Rosey carrying his weight. (No pun intended.) As Huricane was about to go for the finish, Rob Conway attacked, giving La Resistance the advantage and the win.

"Rene, get the tables," shouted Sylvan. (Gimmick infringement.)

Instead of tables, it brought out the Dudleys, who beat on the "Frenchmen." They were about to send Conway through a table until he was pulled to safety by his teammates.

Backstage, Terri asked Maven about his feelings about tonight's match. He was stepping into the ring with the best, he said.

Ric Flair and Randy Orton told Maven he didn't have what it took to be part of Evolution. After tonight, he'd realize the Evolution had just passed him by, added Orton.

(Commercial break)

Quarter Hour 7

Theodore Long (with Mark Henry and Rodney Mack) asked Austin why the brothers had gotten kicked off of Raw. Austin said it was simple; he'd had to add a match, and their match had been subtracted.

RVD button-holed Austin and asked that his cage match with Kane next week be first on the card next week. Austin agreed.

Stacy told Test he was a jerk, and he apologized to her. He said they could be a great team again. He said she could even come out to her own music.

(Commercial break)

(5) Intergender Tag Match: Test & Stacy over Stevie Richards & Victoria. Lillian Garcia announced that this would be a no disqualification match. Stacy didn't trust Test and didn't want to be in the ring. Stacy got in some good chops on Stevie while Test held him. Once Victoria tagged in, things stopped going smoothly for Stacy. Stevie started to give her a pump-handle, but Test jumped into the ring and pushed him off. Stacy was double-teamed by Stevie and Victoria, and Test was no help. In fact, he'd turned into a jerk again. Stacy got a clothesline from Stevie, but Scott Steiner ran out to make the save and cleaned house. Stacy slowly crawled over and pinned Victoria to take the win. Test grabbed Stacy's arm and pulled her out of the ring and up the ramp.

Evolution were headed to the ring for their upcoming match. It would be a slobberknocker, promised J.R.

(Commercial break)

Quarter Hour 8

A lengthy promo was shown of the Rock's new movie, "The Rundown."

The participants came out for the next match.

(Commercial break)

(6) Six-Man Tag Match: Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair, & Randy Orton) vs. Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, & Maven.

(6) Six-Man Tag Match: Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, & Maven over Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair & Randy Orton). (As many tims as J.R. mentioend Maven in glowing terms tonight, I almost expected a heel turn for the Tough Enough winner.)

Flair looked frightened when HBK tagged in, but it didn't stop him from peppering Michaels with hard chops. HBK was taking everybody on, then splashed to the outside to take Evolution off their feet.

The "Goldberg" chants intensified and Big Bill wanted to tag in. Orton and Flair started to double-team HBK. Although he tried to escape, he was taking a beating. Then Triple H tagged in briefly. Randy Orton was all about legend killing and tried to wear down Michaels. Goldberg was desperate to tag in.

Quarter Hour 9

Michaels was inches away from making the tag. At last, he made the tag successfully, and Goldberg was a monster. He disposed of Orton and Flair, but was blindsided by Triple H. Triple H was throwing punches in the corner, but Goldberg made a comeback. He positioned himself for the spear, but Orton attacked him from behind.

Goldberg picked up Orton and gave him a jackhammer and covered him for the winning pin.

"Goldberg is one step closer to becoming the champ at Unforgiven," shouted J.R. as the show went off the air.

[Credit: Ryan Clark]

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