WWE Smackdown Results - September 4, 2003

Posted by Craig Shaw

WWE Smackdown! Results: 9/04/03
Location: New Orleans, La
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz
Reporter: Joseph Vilane

A.P.A. Vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Farooq starts off with Charlie Haas, a great power offence by Farooq, powerslam, near three count. The tag champs take control quickly with a double team effort, Benjamin is tagged in, hard double axe handle to the lower back, near count. Haas is quickly tagged back in, applies pressure to the low back of his opponent. Haas breaks the hold, off the top rope, but is caught with a powerslam by Farooq. Bradshaw tagged in, back body drop to Haas, he goes to work on Benajamin as well with a fallaway slam. Big boot to Haas, followed by a powerbomb, 1-2, Shelton makes the save.

Farooq is in, spine buster, 1-2, saved again by Shelton, quick offence. Bejamin tagged in, hits a clubbing blow to Farooq, Bradshaw saves his partner before the three count. Bradshaw tagged in, fierse clotheline, 1-2, Haas puts his partners foot on the rope stopping the count. Haas then cleverly hits Bradshaw with the tag belt behind the refs back, Shelton rolls up Bradshaw, grabs the tights and gets the win.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Eddie Guerrero is shown polishing his car outside the arena, suddenly a limousine pulls up, door opens, out comes Vince McMahon, Sable and the Big Show. Small talk ensues between Guerrero and Vince, then Brock Lesnar comes onto the scene. He questions why Vince hasn't returned his phone calls, and also why he's hanging out with The Big Show. Vince says that he'll talk to Brock when he wants to, but because of his loss at Summerslam, especially tapping out to Kurt Angle, Vince hasn't found a reason to return Brock's calls. Lesnar denies that he tapped out, but Vince says they'll continue their conversation in his office.

Back from commercial. Vince and Brock are blaming eachoither, arguing. Vince says that he's disappointed in Lesnar because he doesn't recognize what he's capable of and saps him. Lesnar grabs Vince by the jacket and pulls him very close to him in anger. Vince tells Brock to be a monster, Lesnar looks as if he understands Vince's request.

John Cena comes down to the ring, talks trash about Guerrero. He goes on to tell how he beat up Guerrero in front of his family, he was crazy like Madonna kissing Britney Spears. Suddenly, Guerrero comes down in his low rider, he has heard enough! Tackle by Guerrero, he's all over Cena. He chases Cena into the ring, but is clobbered by his own belt, left lying in the ring. Cena takes off in Guerrero's low rider like a thief in the night.

Back from commercial break, footage is shown of Cena driving Guerrero's ride out of the arena. Guerrero goes ballistic in front of Stephanie McMahon, she gives him an option of what type of match he wants with Cena Next week. He chooses a Latino Street fight match in the parking lot.

Chris Benoit vs. A-Train

Benoit shows no fear as he keeps coming back for more, A-Train is all over his opponent. Whipped in the corner with such hard velocity, Benoit goes down. Chin lock applied, Benoit screams in pain. A-Train breaks loose and methodically goes to work on the kidneys. Benoit battles back, but is cut off with a knee to the mid section, a huge suplex, gets a two count.

Bear hug by A-Train, continues to apply the pressure, he then bury's Benoits back into the corner. Benoit uses his quickness, tries to knock his opponent off his feet, but to no avail. Then out of no where he hits countless German suplexs on A-train. Goes up the top rope, misses with the headbutt creating an opening for the big man.

Train wreck!!! 1-2, Benoit's arm is outside the ring. Benoit applies the cross face, but inadvertantly knocks out the ref. Rhyno seizes the moment, attempts a gore on Benoit but misses and hits A-train, this allows Benoit to get the pin.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Earlier conversation with The Undertaker: Taker says that he respects Angle, but he's not quite sure how far Angle is willing to go in tonights match. Because the Taker would rather have his ankle broken before tapping out. He says he knows how to beat Angle, and tonight he'll set an example.

Nidia and Torrie Wilson are shown backstage fixing themselves up, making adjustments to their bathing suits and showing eachother some dance moves, in preparation for their bikini contest.

Kurt Angle comments: He's honored to take on The Taker, but no matter how much he respects his opponent he will beat him, take him down, and make him tap. If The Taker wants a fight that's just what he'll get, because Angle is leaving New Orleans with the belt.

Stephanie questions Vince as to why there are loud noises coming from her office, Vince says that he has the right to take over her space, and that Brock Lesnar is taking care of business right now!

WWE Title:
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Undertaker

Match starts off with a lot of back and fourth action, Angle quickly goes for The Taker's legs. Quick pinning combinations by Angle. But he's not in control for long, The Undertaker uses his experience to his advantage with a vicious assault on The Champion.

Angle is laid to rest with his head hanging outside the ring aproon. Taker nails him with repeated blows to the throat. And then he hits him with a huge legdrop to the chest. High knee, Angle's back is driven into the steel post.

Back from commercial, the vicious assault continues on Angle. Rights and lefts, Angle suddenly hooks on a sleeper hold, Taker is fading fast. Taker hits a modified Angle slam to break free. Dragon sleeper attempt countered by a fire mans carry, then a belly to belly by Angle, two count. Angle into the corner, Taker follows in with two clotheslines. Snake eyes in the corner, big boot. Body slam is countered, Angle hooks on the ankle lock, breaks the hold hits the Angle slam. almost a three count.

Taker back to his feet, Choke slam! 1-2-, almost 3. Sets Angle up for the last ride, Angle counters wth a sunset flip, and procures on the ankle lock. Taker counters with an armbar submission, angle quickly counters with the ankle lock once again. Taker reaches for the ropes...

He reverses the hold, chokes Angle with his legs wrapped around his opponents neck, with an arm bar combo. Angle's hand drops twice, for the third time his hand hits the mat simultaneously with his foot touching the bottom rope.

Ankle lock applied once again, Taker reaches the ropes. Both men trade blows, Angle into the ropes, big boot by Taker. Signals for the choke slam, Angle counters in mid air with the ankle lock submission for the fourth time tonight! Taker counters! Choke slam by taker! He hits the last ride, seconds before he can cover Angle, Lesnar hits Taker with a steel chair, instant DQ.

Winner: Undertaker by dq

After the match, Lesnar repeatedly goes after Angle with hard chair shots to the back, and does the same to Big Evil. He then spins Angle around with a shot to the head with the title belt. The Crowd chants "You Tapped out!" Lesnar grows more frustrated as the monster from within is unleashed.

The Undertaker collapses backstage, but refuses any help. Angle is shown backatage with ice on his head, the trainers are checking his vision.

Highlights are shown: Bikini Contest:
Sable, Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson, & Nidia

All the girls come out looking great, Sable in small black, Dawn Marie looks very hot, Nidia very clumsey in her white Bikini and sneakers? Torrie Wilson looks like a goddess, she has the best body in the business, she looks great in everything. Torrie is announced as the winner by the fans ovation.

Shaniqua comes down and cleans house, leaving half naked beautiful bodies lying everywhere. Big boot the face of Torrie Wilson, ouch!

Bradshaw shows Farooq the new APA set up, showing that they're back in business, even with a butler. Both men are thrilled.

WWE Cruiserweight Title:
Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri

Quick reversals, arm drag by Mysterio. Both men return to their feet and shake hands, good sportsmanship. Mysterio goes for a leap frog from the outside of the apron, but is met with a whopping kick. Mysterio, back in the ring, goes for the 3:19 too soon, and is tossed to the outside. Another kick by the buzz saw, this time on the outside.

Methodical approach by Tajiri, goes for a handspring elbow, is countered by Mysterio. Almost a two count. Challenger takes control, working on the elbow of Mysterio. Arm attempt backfires, as he's thrown outside the ring. Mysterio shoots at Tajiri like a bow and arrow with a firse shoulder block to the outside.

Back and fourth action, quick covers in the ring. Bulldog by Mysterio, two count. Springboard sit down cover, 1-2. almost 3. Mysterio ducks the superkick attempt, hits the 3:19, Mysterio goes for the spring board, but is met with a kick, almost a 3 count by the challenger. Mysterio takes a page out of Tajiri's book with the tarantula. He then hits the west coast pop from the top rope, retains his title with a three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Tajiri hits Mysterio with green mist to the eyes, followed by a blistering kick.

After commercial break, The boss Mr. McMahon makes his way to ringside, with The Big Show. He says it's too bad that the WWE Championship match ended in controversy. But he says that it wont happen in two weeks when Kurt Angle defends againast Brock Lesnar, in an unordinary Iron-Man match, for the first time ever on television. He then introduces his winning pick, Brock Lesnar. But he doesn't come down...

Lesnar is shown up in the sky box, he thanks Vince for reminded him who he is, "A monster!" And he proved it with his actions tonight. He then takes his actions further, he shows Vince that he has Zach Gowen tied to a wheel chair, with tape on his mouth. He then wheels Zach Gowen away from the sky box area.

He takes him to he top of he stairs, he lets Zach take a long hard look, and then knocks him off his wheel chair onto the ground. He then taunts the defenceless Gowen, and pounds on his leg as if there's no tomorrow. He brags about how fast Gowen's wheel chair is, he brings it to the top of the stairs, tries to choke Gowen out so he wont feel the pain on the way down. Unexpectedly, Mr. McMahon shows a little concern from down at ringside. Gowen is then pushed down the stairs, the momentum throws Zach from his chair as he violently falls to the bottom. Brock Lesnar then sits at the top of the stairs like a lion who is king of the jungle!

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